Which Is Best Mastercard Or Visa Debit Card

When we talk about credit card or debit card, there will be two brands that come up in our mind. It’s MasterCard and Visa. Yes, both of them can be considered as the biggest player in today’s market. They have a bigger market and their card is accepted in almost all countries in the world. Now, for you who want to apply for the debit card product, which one should you choose? Here, we have information that you can use as a reference. With this information, we hope you will know which is best MasterCard or visa debit card for your needs.


The Issuers and Card Networks

Actually, this part won’t be a problem, because the MasterCard and Visa product uses the similar concept for these two factors. First of all, those two companies aren’t the company that can issue the debit card. The issuers here are the bank. Therefore, if you want to find and get more benefits, find the bank that offers more of them. Some bank is different than other, which can affect which debit card you should choose.

However, MasterCard and Visa provide the card network for the transaction. And, from our point of view, there is no big difference between these two cards regarding the card network. Therefore, you can choose any of them, if you use the card networks as your consideration. But, do not just use this factor to choose the card. There are more of them that we will explain to you below.

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Travel Feature

The travel feature holds the important role in deciding which card you will choose. Here are what you can get from the debit card from Visa and MasterCard.


Accepted in more than 200 countries.Accepted in more than 210 countries.
You can get emergency card substitution for traveling.You get PayPass app and there are many sellers and ATM where you can use your debit card.
Auto Rental Collision Damage feature, which will cover the problems on your rental car, such as road accident, steal and towing expense.Rental Car Collision coverage is only available for specific debit card product.
24/7 emergency services all around the world24/7 emergency services all around the world


If you are looking at the travel feature, we can say that Visa has more valuable features than MasterCard. So, you can choose Visa, if you plan to travel a lot. Their card will help you to make the purchase much easier.

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The Security Feature

Of course, the security feature is the most important feature you need to consider. With better protection, you won’t have a problem to use the card anywhere. Now, for the security feature, here are the comparison between Visa and MasterCard debit card.

Visa Debit Card

Visa Debit Card


Verified by Visa. With this verification, your card will be protected by the password, which will help you to make an online transaction safer.There is a monitoring service that will protect your card from any fraud expense and misuse by other people.
Fraud monitoring alerts.The zero liability security features will be activated after you inform that you are losing your card or your card has been stolen.
It has zero liability features; however, it doesn’t cover the ATM usage.ID Theft protection.


The security feature can be said is pretty much balancing between Visa and MasterCard. However, we will choose the MasterCard debit card, because it has more reliable protection. The monitoring feature will protect your card from any problem.

Which Is Best Mastercard Or Visa Debit Card

Which Is Best Mastercard Or Visa Debit Card

Which Is Best Mastercard Or Visa Debit Card


Customer Services

For customer service, Visa and MasterCard try to give you the best one. The Visa debit card use V.me mobile wallet function. This feature will help you to get any information that you need easily. On the other hand, the MasterCard provide MasterCard Connect option. This feature will make the customer service can be accessed and contacted easily. So, from this feature, we think that MasterCard is much better. Basically, you will get the help that you need anytime you want it.


Return & Exchanges

There is a time when you may need to return the product and get the refund for the problem that you get from using the debit card. For that purpose, Visa and MasterCard also provide several options you can choose.


Refund will be given within 90 days after the purchase of your debit card was stolen or you receive a defective product.Refund will be given within 90 days after the purchase of your debit card was stolen or you receive a defective product. But, there are some limitations here.
One year extended warranty for you who purchase from the seller that provides less than 3 years warranty.The extended warranty is only provided for you who buy from the seller with less than 1-year warranty.
Price protection feature, which will give you reimburse, if you find the lower price for the purchase within 60 days after the purchase.
Return Protection feature will refund you up to $250.

It’s clear. With more exchange and return feature that MasterCard offer, we will choose MasterCard debit card for this part. It can help you to protect your finance after you use the card.


Premium Feature

The premium feature is one of many features that Visa and MasterCard provide for a specific client. And, you will get the maximum benefits from it. So, what kind of the premium feature you can get from both brands?


–    Visa signature,

–    No pre-established expense restriction,

–    Concierge services,

–    Refund for lost baggage, travel, and emergency assistance.


–    Discount and bonuses from an online marketplace,

–    Fuel Rewards for $0.03/gallon discount,

–    Fuel Rewards dining for $0.01/gallon discount for every $50 purchase on your dining,

–    Concierge services.

We can say that the premium feature isn’t that too different. Each of Visa and MasterCard debit card has its own benefit. So, choose one that you think it’s suitable for your need.

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Now, which is best MasterCard or visa debit card? After reading all of the information above, we can recommend MasterCard over Visa debit card. However, you need to remember that when you apply for a debit card, it has to be suitable for your needs. So, choose the best card that you really need.

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