Personal Finance: How to Get Free Credit Card Numbers?

How to get free credit card numbers? It could be one of the things that are difficult to process. In nowadays, if you want to get a credit card, you have to be qualified in the first place. The existence of providers that give an opportunity for those who have no credit score could be helping. But is it going to work for you? Or maybe you may consider the virtual credit card.


Virtual credit card definition

As long as you have a debit card or savings account, you are qualified to have a virtual credit card. This thing even solves some problems for you who are not qualified for a traditional credit card. However, it leaves some questions about security matters.

In commonly speaking, when you make an online transaction, you will enter the credit card number, billing address, and also the security code. If you enter that information on the side that has a poor security protection could put you in a vulnerable position toward hackers and fraud. You definitely will not be financially liable for the purchase as long as you can catch the fraud. Still, you need to call the bank and notify them until the new card gets on your hand.

On the other hand, the virtual credit card number would prevent those things mentioned above. Commonly, the credit card issuer will offer this type of credit card by randomly generating the number. You can even get extra security from this type of card. However, if the credit card issuer does not offer this perk to you, you can get it from the third party provider.

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When it comes to how to get free credit card numbers, a virtual credit card helps a lot. However, it is quite limited in amount and time. The numbers work in temporary terms. The terms and conditions depend on the issuer.

How to Get Free Credit Card Numbers?

How to Get Free Credit Card Numbers

How to Get Free Credit Card Numbers


The advantages of virtual credit card

Most of them are free. For example, Discover, Citibank, and Bank of America will generate the number for the virtual account credit card for free. They do not ask for an extra fee at all especially if you are their customers. On the other hand, the virtual card is a way to protect the information of your account. Since the virtual account is totally different from the number of your debit or credit card, another vendor could not steal anything.

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If the information of your real credit card number is stored at the site that affected by hackers, the cars would get the fake charge from other vendors. By using a virtual credit card, the account number will be restricted to one vendor only. It is more safety for sure.

The virtual account number will be expired sooner than the real credit card. You are also allowed to set the limit of payment so the vendor could not just put on the excessive charge. It makes the virtual card becomes so useful for you who want to sign up for a service with automatic renewal but you want to cancel it later. The terms allow you to set the expiry date before the renewal charges you.


The drawbacks of virtual credit card

When it comes to online fraud, virtual credit card, however, is still far from a perfect solution. The availability is very limited. As we have mentioned earlier, only Discover, Citibank, and Bank of America that offer the virtual credit card as the solutions of how to get free credit card numbers. Other major providers do not give the option of this type of credit card.

The virtual credit card is not designed for buying offline because it will require your card while the virtual number does not match with the number on your real card. So, if you want to make a transaction like buying movie tickets or pay for a rental car then you need a physical credit card. A virtual credit card is not suitable for a business trip or vacation. You also should know that you might be worried when you want to return a product you have bought. When the virtual number is expired, it could be a hassle for you.

Fraud is still possibly happened even though you already use the virtual credit card. It could happen if you do not set the payment limit and time limit appropriately. The vendor could put the fraudulent charge after all. And if this thing happens to you, your number will be canceled by the credit card issuer. In the end, a new credit card with new account number will be sent to you.

It does not happen to always be the most ideal method for recurring payments like mobile bill and internet bill. Since the virtual account number is going to be expired sooner, you might forget to generate the new ones. In the end, you could be lost track of everything.

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Bottom line

A virtual credit card is not always necessary. If you already have a credit card, just stick with that. The traditional credit card, in fact, already provides the “zero liability” as one of fraud protection programs. And there is no a good enough reason of why a person should have a virtual credit card if they already have the real one.


However, the virtual account might be really helpful yet useful at some points and certain specific situations. For example, if you make an online transaction at some untrustworthy website then this type of credit card is necessary. Other than that, subscribing to a TV channel and canceling it later could be a bit hassle. The virtual credit card is also great for that kind of stuff.

On the other hand, not many people see the virtual credit card as an option. It is really important to protect ourselves by being a smart consumer. If you want to make an online purchase then stick with the major yet trustworthy websites. Other than that, this can be one way on how to get free credit card numbers for you who want to protect your real card.

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