How To Choose The Right Credit Card

Do you already have a credit card? Or would you like to apply for a credit card application but are confused about choosing which credit card is right for you? It is true that many banks are competing to publish various types of credit cards, each accompanied by various attractive offers such as free of annual fees, low interest rates, gold or platinum cards.

Credit cards are becoming a human need nowadays. They need a credit card to pay bills, pay online shopping, pay for airline tickets and hotels. Today there are many credit card providers, but you must know the quality of each provider.

Many cases, consumers are aggrieved due to the large annual and administrative costs. I am going to share How To Choose The Right Credit Card for those of you who will apply for a credit card.


How To Choose The Right Credit Card

How To Choose The Right Credit Card

How To Choose The Right Credit Card


Understanding the Additional Fees

One of the important factors to consider when choosing the right credit card for you is the fees charged such as annual fee, interest, administration fee etc.

  • Credit Card with High Interest Rate

Credit cards with higher interest rates are usually suitable for those who choose to use a credit card in lieu of cash in shopping and immediately pay off your credit card bills every month. That way your expenses each month can be tracked. Despite having high interest rates, these types of credit cards usually offer added value such as free annual fees, discounts, cash back, and also reward points every time you transact.


  • Credit Card with Low Interest Rate

Credit cards with lower interest rates are suitable for those of you who often pay bills in installments or pay the minimum amount. Although this type of credit card must charge an annual fee and usually does not offer many discount or cash back offers, if you have a fixed source of income and that is important enough to pay the bills each month, at least the minimum amount, then this low interest is a major determinant in choose this credit card.


Best service

customer service is also one of the factors that need to be taken into account in choosing a credit card. As a credit card user, you definitely want to get a good and complete service from the publisher, and include transaction services and 24-hour complaints with friendly and alert staff.


Know Network Reach

A wide range of credit cards is suitable for the category of people who travel abroad frequently. If you fall into this category, then you should choose a credit card that has a wide network that is accepted worldwide, especially in the countries you frequent. The use of credit cards abroad will make it easier for you to transact, practical, and you can enjoy travel more comfortably.


Consider the Credibility of the Issuing Bank

One other thing to consider in choosing a credit card is the background of the credit card issuing bank. If the bank has good credibility and reputation, then you as a credit card holder from the bank will feel more secure and comfortable while the advantage in using credit cards was also greater.


Consider Reward and Other Additional Facilities

A number of credit card issuers offer rewards or rewards to their customers, either in the form of goods, shopping discounts, points, or more. If you are eyeing the various rewards offered by a particular credit card, then the credit card is right for you.

In addition, other things you need to consider are additional facilities like worldwide ATM access, travel insurance, credit card bill payment insurance, and executive lounge facilities in various places.

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