How to Choose A Credit Card

Modern Lifestyle as it is now, many people who prefer instant things, for example are credit cards. This magic card comes with a variety of ease in transacting. This is what causes the debit card and cash money to shift to the right and immediately replaced by a credit card.

Credit cards can help everyone to create healthy financial conditions. Credit cards can be used to finance all the activities you need. Like paying bills, paying for education, paying stuffs, buying hotel tickets online and holiday. The benefits can be maximized if the credit card is used appropriately…

Maybe some of you are confused to choose a credit card? what credit card should i get? Oke, today i am going to share my experience about how to choose a credit card?

How to Choose A Credit Card

How to Choose A Credit Card

How to Choose A Credit Card


How to Choose A Credit Card? Having a credit card becomes a common thing nowadays. Before switching to a credit card, you should know your personality type first. Whether a shopaholic, a businessman, a housewife, or a traveler. Knowing these little things can help you to decide what kind of credit card is right.

Credit card selection process should not be perfunctory. Pay close attention to some tips on choosing a credit card below.


Understanding Your Needs

Almost all Banks In the world facilitate their customers with credit cards. This card is a non-cash payment instrument that can be used at a particular store or outlet. Credit cards often offer attractive offers and promos that make people tempting to use them.

Before applying for the credit card process, know the basics of use, such as how it works, its advantages, disadvantages, and its usage procedures. Master the basics well to add to your understanding of the proper use of credit cards.

Know the Purpose of Use

As mentioned above, you need to know what the basic purpose of credit card use is. Is it for culinary tours, traveling, shopping promo hunt, or to stay at the hotel? In order for a credit card to give maximum benefit, first know what activities you will do with this magic card.

Knowing Additional Fees and Discounts

One important point to note is to know what charges will occur when a user uses the credit card, such as cash withdrawal fees, interest fees, annual fees or annual fees, late fees, and stamp duty.

In general, there are two types of interest rates on credit cards are credit cards and high interest rates on credit cards low interest rates …


Knowing How much Credit Card Limit

Limit is the maximum amount that limits credit card usage. Many people set credit card limits with the aim of controlling the financial condition. The credit card issuing bank usually provides a different amount of limit for each of its customers. This is done based on the consideration of the financial condition of the customers concerned. In order for your usage not to exceed the specified limit, record and keep any proof of transaction.


Credibility of the Bank

One thing that is not less important is to pay attention to the background of the bank. The background can be seen from the company profile and bank financial statements annually. If the Bank’s reputation is good, you should not be afraid to use a credit card. Because the Bank definitely provide the best security and service for each customer.


Alert Credit Card Fraud

The process of making a credit card can only be done on the Bank. If at any time there are people who come to the house to offer credit card making, you need to be vigilant. It could be that person is one of the cheats. Unstable economic conditions caused many swindlers to emerge for a bite of rice. Hopefully tips on choosing a credit card above can help.

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